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Woobly Worm

  • Product Code : 511KH0508
  • Point : 850

Material: Plastic

Battery : Yes.

Brand: Fox Minds

No of Pieces : 20

Description: The Wobbly Worm game encourages children to get up and move. They’ll have a blast joining in on the fun, trying to loop a hoop over the twisting, turning wiggly worm in this colorful and dynamic electronic ring toss game. Wobbly Worm offers two types of challenging games for 3-5 year olds and their families. Little ones can loop rings over the wiggly worm’s head as it passes, while older kids can stand back and toss their rings over Wobbly Worm. More than just a fun activity, the Wobbly Worm game helps kids build important skills like hand-eye coordination, timing, and patience.

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