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Zip Flick Style Frog Scooter

  • Product Code : 511KH0538
  • Point : 1500

Material: Plastic

Battery : Yes.

Brand: Other

No of Pieces : 1


Singing your feet, twisting your hips and moving from side to side propel the forwards, and they allow the rider to propel forward without ever having to pedal or touch The ground, a low-impact exercise. This tri scooter can be enjoyable for all 2-13 years old children.


Easy turning, drifting and acceleration;
Unique three wheels design provides better stability;
Front handbrake delivers better control and safety;
Dual foot platforms improve the stability;
Heavy Duty Steel Frame
Ride and control it in many different ways;
Ideal for use on flat, smooth surfaces;
Great for building strength on legs, body coordination and balance;
Scooter can be folded up for easy storage and transport;

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