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Word Building Game

  • Product Code : 311KH0542
  • Point : 350

Material: Plastic

Battery : No.

Brand: Benjamin

No of Pieces : 76

Description: "WORD BUILDING An intelligent game for all ages! Each players tries to build a word in The frame either its – horizontally, Vertically or diagonally. For this each Player get score & he can also get Double score by playing smartly.. This amazing word-building game allows the little ones in various ways. Apart from having fun, they can strengthen their spelling and vocabulary skills. It also helps in improving their concentration level. Besides, it assists in the development of logical thinking ability of the little ones. This game is so interesting and challenging that sometimes adults are found taking part in the game too. It's an excellent way to check out the vocabulary skills of the adults. This game can be played by 1 to 2 players. This word game is easy to carry.

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