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Mould And Paint

  • Product Code : 37AKH0464
  • Point : 450

Material: Plastic

Battery : No.

Brand: Playgro

No of Pieces : 2 Mould+1 brush+manual


This kit includes a packet of dry plaster of Paris, 18 blister moulds in two trays, tempera paints, a paint brush. With these accessories you can help your kids to mould the face of Lord Ganesh as well as offerings like fruits, flower and vegetables. Also, you'll hone creativity in your kids, improve their fine motor skills and encourage them to experiment with shading using different colours with this mould and paint craft kit.
Your children will find it easy to mould objects with the blister mould trays and the quick-to-dry plaster of Paris in this Mould and Paint.

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